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Gudroe Technology Group offers a complete range of website creation services. Our creative team of specialists have proficiency in cutting edge technologies and know-how in the development and maintenance of websites. Please visit our child company website 'Maine Web Seo' ( for more information about our web design services. Request a free quote.

What we can do:

  • Web pages with unlimited content size - texts, images, and animations
  • Databases containing an unlimited number of fields with different type
  • Web sites with light, clean, and modern design
  • Additional treatment - images and animated effects
  • Customized sites which respond completely to your requirements and accepted standards in the web
  • Upgrade and support according to your needs.

What to expect:

  • We meet with the client (if it is possible), ascertain what the needs are, and obtain accurate information about the purpose and functionality of the future site.
  • We design a demo site and discuss it with the customer.
  • We offer unique designs for each customer.
  • We also offer a maintenance plan according to individual customer needs.

Recent projects... It represents our company and gives the ability to view all the services which the business has to offer. The website includes many pages filled with a lot of reading material. This is our sister website designed in 2011. It represents our web work plus lots of information what we can do. The project includes website design with enhanced search engine optimization. It also includes integration with external reservation / payment source, social media, and more. This is a website we created for our friends from the Pork farm. Interesting fact is that 95% of the Pictures on the pages are actual images of how the Pigs are raised and fed. is a complex website with dozens of different modules and components. It integrates with an advanced calendar system, News system, and a blog. This project represents not only the property itself, but the island of Saint Croix. The Website integrates with an external reservation / payment source. Simple brochure/portfolio website with dozens of images of the places visited by Khaled Habash. is a simple project designed in June 2010 featuring 5 static HTML pages of which the Menu page is the most interesting.